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The fifth edition of the Meeting for the Dissemination and Research in the Study of Complex Systems and their Applications (EDIESCA 2024, for its meaning in Spanish), will be held in a hybrid modality (virtual, and face-to-face), during October 28-30, having as headquarters the facilities of the Universidad Panamericana Campus Aguascalientes. EDIESCA 2024 is mainly organized by the Mexican Association of Dynamic Systems and Complexity (AMESDYC, for its meaning in Spanish). 

We cordially invite researchers and students whose interests include research and application of results in the area of ​​complex systems, with an emphasis on dynamic systems, to participate as speakers and/or attendees at the event.

The main objective of this event is the integration of research groups, academic groups, and students from related programs to carry out research projects, as well as technological developments at national and international level and their dissemination and thus encourage collaboration between peers with new research projects or participation in existing ones. In addition, disseminate the education options at the undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral levels of the different participating institutions.

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